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The India Office is managed by Amrita Sadarangani and is located in Mumbai.
The Office develops and maintains links with universities, research institutions, government agencies, companies and cultural organisations.

Other work includes scholarship development, student internships and alumni engagement. Academic partnerships including student exchanges and joint degrees are a rapidly developing area.

Historic links with India
The University of Edinburgh’s engagement with India stretches from historic connections with the study of Indian botany, culture and religion by Edinburgh-qualified academics and laymen in the 18th century, to large numbers of India’s first overseas students gaining degrees at Edinburgh.

Our partnerships in India are based on high quality research and academic cooperation.
The University has relationships with India’s leading institutions including:
• The Indian Institute of Science
• University of Delhi
• Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
• Jawaharlal Nehru University

The India Office assists in maintaining relationships, arranging lectures, workshops and symposia to facilitate research-led collaborations with these institutions.

Research funding
Liaison with government agencies on research funding and recently worked with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations to establish an ICCR Chair on the Contemporary Indian Studies at the University of Edinburgh.
Strategic engagement

Today’s global economic, environmental and development challenges require innovative solutions to increasingly complex and international problems. The focus of the University of Edinburgh’s engagement with India is to develop multi-disciplinary and creative solutions via collaborative partnerships.